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Ana Lucía Fariña is a natural born Costa Rican citizen. You can catch her somewhere in the world, given her nomadic free soul; she is constantly on the move.  She is currently based in Bali, Indonesia most of the time.

She is the founder of Pranaluz Conscious Living, dedicated to support individuals in the path of awakening to a conscious life, by offering retreats, classes, courses, trainings , coaching and workshops rooted on Conscious living an integrative holistic practices in diverse sacred places of the planet. 

"Pranaluz & the India trip exceeded all possible expectations!"

Mariana Ozores - Costa Rica


  • EYT- 500 hrs certified and registered Experienced Yoga Teacher since 2009.
  • Graduated from her 200 & 300 hrs programs from Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica 2009 & 2010
  • Additional education in: Iyengar & Hatha Yoga, Yoga for children, Yoga Dance, Aerial Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga therapy, Prenatal and Postnanal.
  • Asana focus on alignment and adapting the poses to meet the individual needs.
  • Student and practitioner of the Mahayana Tibetan Buddhism, Meditation and Mindfulness.
  • Her teachings are very much inspired on Tibetan buddhism and Advaita Vedanta.
  • Worked 9 years in corporate multinational business.
  • Holds an MBA from Costa Rica, and a Master of Arts in Environmental Leadership from Buddhist University Naropa in Boulder, CO. U.S.A.
  • Tour leader since 2008, has lead cultural & spiritual trips throughout Central American countries, Mexico, Panama and South East Asia, India & Bali, Indonesia.
  • Spent most her life learning, practicing and studying from diverse masters and teachers such as: Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, The Dalai Lama, Sri Mooji, and from the Shambhala, Tibetan, Vipassana and Mahayana traditions.
  • Kirtan and Bhakti yoga practitioner ( plays piano, guitar, harmonium and sings).

"Analu introduced me to the beautiful gift of Kirtan, a great way to connect with yourself and ever since then I'm missing Kirtan nights with her."

Denise Schmi- Germany


Jonathan Matahi Lefevre, DO.- Tahiti

Jono was born in Tahiti and grew up with hippie parents between Polynesia, Bali, and India. After a long period of traveling and studying with various shamans and mystics he eventually went back for more academic training and graduated from the Kimura Shiatsu Institute in Tokyo, Japan; the University of San Diego, California; and the British School of Osteopathy, London, UK.  He was then able to blend in his work Western science with Eastern spirituality while exploring the higher common threads linking the various cultures he had been exposed to. Jono Matahi, also teaches workshops and classes for various yoga teacher trainings around the globe mainly focusing on anatomy, subtle bodies, fascia release techniques, meditation and Theravada philosophy. When not out surfing, he runs a private osteopathic practice in Bali, Indonesia.  Jono is PRANALUZ YTT Program co-leader.

"If anyone has an opportunity to learn from Analu.
Take it! Don't let that opportunity pass"

Karolin Clifford - USA

Ben Mackinnon- New Zealand

Ben became involved in Hatha, Iyengar and later Vinyassa Yoga over 20 years ago after being diagnosed with a spinal degeneration disorder by mainstream healthcare. A close family friend reccomended yoga and this became the tonic that allowed him and continues to allow him to live the active lifestyle he enjoys along with managing his bodie's and downs. He is an accredited Vinyassa Yoga teacher along with being a certified Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist and holds a strong education in human anotomy. He also has a Bachelor Science in Nursing working in mental health and teach Yoga and meditation to those struggling with PTSD, depression and anxiety.

Valeria Sumar- Chile

She studied Nutrition and Dietetics, her passion and vocation to help others. She believes that diseases, conditions and wellbeing come from 5 elements (personal, social, physical, emotional and eating). She believes emotions, habits of life, our environment and the relationship with our environment are what directly influences our food and wellbeing.

Her approach is to wellness is that of integral well-being through natural, energetic, clean and nutritious food. She works integrating a holistic approach considering the emotional aspects, relationships, environments and different lifestyles. She is from Chile and lives in Bali working with clients from all over the world in wellness, nutrition and mindful eating.

Manuel Gomez Solera, Ma. - Costa Rica

Somatic Counseling Psychologist who focuses on promoting the functional unity of the mindbody and the energetic processes that sustain it. This process of unification and synchronization leads clients to experience higher levels of functioning, creativity and integrity in life. His work in private practice is characterized by the exploration of bodily sensations, movement, and verbal techniques to promote positive change. Manuel’s work is further supported by a strong mindfulness background that guide clients to sharpen self-awareness and cultivate internal resources so they may better navigate life’s situations with spontaneity and skill.

"Ana Lucia moves through this life with an open heart. She is a gift to us all.
She teaches from experience with much love and tenderness!".

Pouria Montazeri- Iran/U.S.A