A Life-Changing Experience

Cultural & Spiritual Trip


November 11th-21st, 2019
(11 Days -10 Nights)

  Personalized Groups & Unforgettable Experiences!


This travel holiday is great for:

  • People interested in traveling without having to worry about any travel logistics or planning. Simply sit back and enjoy your journey!
  • Individuals looking for a unique tour experience; traveling with purpose and consciousness, and experiencing a true cultural immersion.
  • People inspired to explore Japan outside of the guidebooks, awaiting a whole new world to discover!
  • Individuals looking for a perfect balance between planned activities and free time to explore.
  • People looking to experience Japan in a local way! This tour is guided by two bilingual  tour leaders: One local Japanese and one Latin American.
  • Those seeking to travel with experts in order to feel supported and professionally guided!
  • Men, women, singles, couples, friends, and families looking to share a personalized group experience. Find new stories to share and friendships that will last forever.
  • People interested in learning about the sacred traditions that Japanese culture has to offer!
  • Nature lovers, stunning landscape lovers, and those willing to fall in love with the magical autumn of Japan.

Join Pranaluz on this magical and cultural adventure, cultivating mind, body, and soul, exploring nature, culture, and the sacredness of Japanese culture throughout a magical journey to Japan. There is a warm spirituality to Japan which floats all around the temples and the shrines. It can be found everywhere, from the tea ceremonies to the cultural arts, and mostly, in the Japanese way of being.

From the temples in Kyoto to those in Miyama, and from the modern cities to the various sacred places, you'll not only be mesmerized by the cultural artifacts, but also by the stunning beauty of the Japanese autumn leaves. Known as koyo in Japanese, the autumn leaves of the Maple and Ginkgo trees turn red and yellow in concert presenting you with beautiful scenery at every turn. We will view the autumn foliage as we traverse all across the country, visiting temples, exploring mountains, relaxing in parks, and experiencing the magesty of Japan.

Allow us to guide you on a life-changing experience around one of the most culturally interesting countries on the planet.