Discover a life-changing experience for your Soul


June 2019

This travel holiday is great for:

  • People interested in traveling without having to worry about any logistics or planning. Simply sit back and enjoy your journey!
  • Individuals looking for a unique and rejuvenating experience , traveling with purpose and with consciousness while healing and balancing heart and soul.
  • People inspired to explore Bali, its traditions, ceremonies, culture, arts and all in a non tourist way; taking you outside of the guidebooks, a world to discover!
  • Individuals looking for a perfect balance between included activities and your free time to explore!
  • People looking to experience Bali, in a safe and smooth way. Guided by a tour leader and local Indian guides.
  • If your are seeking to travel with experts, to feel supported and guided professionally!
  • Men and women, single, couples, friends, families sharing a personalized group experience. Is the stories you share, friendships you create that last forever.
  • Beginners or practitioners of yoga and meditation interested in learning, practicing or deepening your practice!

A perfect combination:
Cultural Tour & Yoga Holiday

A life changing experience

Everything you need for your complete your perfect holiday time

We invite you to explore the sacred land of Bali! Our spiritual and cultural trip will take us to the most exotic and cultural rich areas of Bali, Java and Singapore. Bali is one of the most magical islands on the planet. The energy is a powerful and feminine, therefore, it is a place to heal the heart, purify, detox and give birth to a new and better version of yourself. Through its thirty temples this island is known as the residence of the Gods, such designation seems a pre announcement of earthly paradise, since according to the experts the only problem with the island is that people do not want to leave the place any more! Java, full of history and ancient traditions, shows us some of most powerful Hindu and Buddhist temples of the world! - Singapore- a nice stop on the way home to experience a modern city inspired in sustainable living! The best way to make the best out of your travel holidays!  We invite you to this amazing journey while at the same time encourage you to nurture body and soul through the ancient practice of Yoga and meditation. 

Create Memories, Expand your World

" Magical experience ... lots of spirituality and wonderful tours ... and incredible guides".

Adrián Solís- Costa Rica

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