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Naomi Givans  (Ireland) lives and teaches in England

Trained in Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, Naomi offers a more restorative approach within these schools of Yoga. Having dedicated over a decade of her life to a busy corporate lifestyle, yoga helped reduce stress, alleviate muscle tension and bring more balance within this lifestyle. Her aim is to help students at all levels to find the same benefits from her classes. Offering Yin, Restorative Yoga Flow & Beginners classes, she also offers guided meditation workshops for deep relaxation. You can find her teaching at " Essence" in Brighton & Hoventent. To find more about her classes and  her classes contact Naomi at:

Magdalena Janik (Poland) currently lives and teaches in Bali

Magdalena started practicing yoga over 6 years ago as a way to improve her flexibility and complement to her fitness routine. Soon, she began to feel her body better, but also herself as a person, which helped her through difficult times and inspired her to share this passion with others. Her teaching style is vinyasa-based with a focus on strength and flexibility. Magdalena believes that self-love is a core value, hence your practice with her, will be inspired by self-acceptance, awareness of your own body, love and includes mindfulness and meditation, practices she believes are very important to support an overall sense of well being. If you want to see more about her yoga journey and where she is currently teaching, follow her on Instagram @madalena_yoga and Facebook

Lilly Kelly (Australia) currently lives in Sydney 

Lily trained in Hatha / Ashtanga Yoga in Rishikesh India and a 500 hr YTT teacher, however she was introduced to Yoga as a child by her neighbour who taught her the practices of Yoga through different creative expressions – Lily is passionate about the Earth and practices that will create a more sustainable and bright future - Connecting people to each other and the Earth, her classes are energetic and beautifully thematic inspired by the elements that exist in nature, and bringing calm and centred awareness back to the temple of our senses. She is inspired to teach Yoga for Surfers, Hatha, Vinyasa and helping people connect to their roots and to the Earth through retreats, workshops and diverse offerings. Yet a native of Cairns, resides in Sydney, where you can follow her to catch some amazing loving vibes. Follow her on Insta:  @lillianakelly  /

Diane Martori (U.S.A) currently lives and teaches in NY

Diane is a social worker, yoga teacher, and native New Yorker. She started practicing yoga asana in 2010 as a form of physical exercise and a way to manage the emotional stress from her job. She completed her 200 hour YTT at Zen and Yoga in Forest Hills, NY in 2014 and her 300 hour YTT with Pranaluz in Bali in 2018. She teaches Hatha and Vinyasa yoga with a focus on alignment and will soon be incorporating yoga into the mental health treatment she provides. You can follow Diane at Insta @dmartori /

Halley Wall (Canada) currently lives and teaches in Toronto

I found yoga for the first time in October 2013. I remember it vividly because at the time I was struggling to manage the stress of starting university, and was looking for a way to cope. Little did I know at that point I would end up studying it and making it my full time career. I have now been teaching full time in Toronto Canada since early 2016, at a number of studios in a variety of styles. Many of the styles I teach are variations of traditional forms of yoga (Hatha and Vinyasa), that have been altered to meet the needs of busy city people, while maintaining the fundamental significance of traditional styles by incorporating aspects of pranayama and mindfulness. I am just now embarking on my adventure in leading workshops, retreats and trainings and look forward to seeing where these new endeavours take me. Instagram @Wallspace_yoga /

Valeria Moser (Switzerland) currently lives Bali/Switzerland

Valeria is passionate about exploring this beautiful world and connecting back to the roots. Since many years she was working as a personal trainer for clients with injuries. Five years ago she started to do retreats for her clients in places close to the ocean, where she combined bodywork and climbing or surfing. As she started to include yoga, the students began to dive even deeper into their journey. In her classes and retreats she guides the students with love through their self-discovery, each one at their own pace. She maintains a traditional style of yoga. Pranayama, meditation and mindfulness are big components of her teachings. You’re warmly invited to get in touch with her! @valeria_mo_ Facebook Valeria Moser Or write an email:

Magdalena Lagos (Chile) currently lives Australia/Chile

Magdalena started practicing yoga 4 years ago, yoga inspire her after being practicing meditation and working also in her dreams and dreams interpretation. Yoga and meditation are her passion, she started teaching Restorative and Yin Yoga, her classes are into self love, self awareness, to connect her students also with their own spiritual path. She is currently living between Chile and Australia. She is a traveller so you can contact her and ask her because she can be all around the world. e/mail: Facebook: Magdalena Lagos Instagram: Maidalagoss

Dana Nicula (Rumania) currently lives and teaches in Singapore

Dana’s first encounter with yoga was in her early teens when she accidentally found and read a book about it. Years later in life she decided to start practicing asana purely to stay healthy and active. In 2015 she completed her 200hr YTT in Thailand trying to deepen her knowledge. Fully aware that yoga is beyond knowledge of the books or various texts, but understanding the role they play in one’s life and their importance, Dana went on practicing and teaching in Singapore for a few more years revealing for herself and others a simple truth: always be prepared to understand the limitations each person has and that not every posture is suitable for all individuals. In September 2018 she embarked on a new journey with Pranaluz, under the guidance of Analu Farina - wonderful teacher and friend and became a 500RYT. Analu and the talented co-teachers Katya Primorskaya and Matahi Lefevre, helped Dana understand herself better and better herself. After the training, Dana took a new approach towards yoga, combining her love for dancing, yoga and meditation into a therapeutic, artful and magical act - all her classes happening in unconventional, always different ways.

Bev Lindley (Australia) currently lives and teaches in Australia

I am a mother and Grandmother,an Emmett Therapist and Yoga teacher from Sunny Townsville Nth Qld.. I began practicing Yoga after finishing up a 30 year career in the fitness industry due to exhaustion and Stress. After 18 months of practicing Yoga I completed my 200hr YTT with Santosha on Nusa Lembongan (Bali). I started teaching yoga on return and soon realised I wanted to learn even more.. Sept 2018 I completed my 300hr YTT in Bali with Pranaluz Conscious Living . I have been trained in Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga and have a passion for Yin Yoga and meditation practices. I found yoga to be so much more than a form of exercise or stretching routine. In my experience Yoga is a form of recalibrating your mind breath and body and the evolving of one self into a Calmer more mobile and stronger version. Yoga brings a sense of well-being and genuine happiness... I teach from Lighten Up studio and The Hub Strand Fitness in Townsville Nth Qld Australia.... join me ! Email:

Josh Wood (USA) currently lives somewhere in the world

Hi my name is Joshua, I have been practicing yoga for around 2 years now. I started doing it when i got into rock climbing, they offered some vinyasa classes at the gym i went to. It helped a lot with breathing and mobility, which are important in climbing and i realized in life as well. When i started doing yoga it was more for the work out and a good stretch before i would go climb but the more i got into it i realized how little i actually knew about what was inside my body and how my breathing helped to regulate it. I think yoga is important to me because it means taking time for myself to breathe and really look inward, it means letting go of all my problems for an hour and just being in the moment. It has also helped me to stop worrying about what other people are doing or where they are at in life and just focus on myself and my own path.

Nat Jefferis (Australia) currently lives and teaches in Melbourne, South Gippsland, Australia.

I can't remember my first yoga class. While I know it was at a gym & I was super confused about all the weird names for the poses, there was nothing magical about why I started yoga. The magic came much later. Before yoga became a significant part of my life, I was angry, irritable, dissatisfied & I had no idea why. Yoga has taught me about the importance of presence. How, when we pause, we can take time to respond rather than react. I have become more self-aware of my body, but also of the language I use towards myself & others. I find myself becoming more comfortable in stillness & quiet - just being. There is so much more joy in my life now & how could I not want to share that with others!? Now with 500 hours of teacher training, I have been teaching for 2 and a half years & what's amazing is, I never stop learning & growing. I want people to understand the power of moving, no matter what it looks like. Yoga is not just about the asana. I teach it & I love it. But what I love most is when students start to understand that it's so much bigger than asana. It's how you interact with the world & yourself. If you're in Victoria, Australia you can find more about my classes here...Instagram @itsnatayoga or join my Facebook group "Nata Yoga"

Kat Johnston (USA) currently lives in USA

Kat discovered yoga in a fitness setting over 20 years ago, but over time sought a broader range of yoga practices and meditation techniques for stress management and overall wellbeing. These experiences through health challenges and recovery have led to her devotion to yoga as a way of connecting with her own inner wisdom and intuiting the practices that are needed and will be of the most benefit on any given day. In 2018 she completed her 200 HR training in California, USA with Quantum Yoga, and left corporate law to pursue a career in wellness. She completed 300 hours with Pranaluz in 2019 and is currently traveling the world and teaching yoga in various locations. You can email Kat at: and follow her instagram at: 

Laura Broussal (France) currently lives in Paris